1. Can I delete a review?

No, we do not allow the deletion of our reviews from Belliata.pl. This is to create a transparent website to all users.

2. Can I delete a venue from belliata.co.uk?

No, you are not able to delete a venue from belliata.co.uk. If your business has changed name, please contact customer support and we will amend the venue for you.

3. How do I add my venue to belliata.co.uk?

We are delighted that you want to add your venue to belliata.co.uk, you are able to do this by going to belliata.co.uk/add/.

4. How do I delete a review?

Belliata do not allow members or venues to delete or amend reviews, other then adding comments to their original review. This maintains the integrity of the belliata.de.

5. How can a business take bookings?

We offer salon management software for salons, spas, barbers and nail salons to manage their appointment schedule and online booking, for more information go to belliata.co.uk/salon-software.